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From a children’s publishing expert:

“One of my regular tips for picture book writers is that they dummy up their manuscripts, not to submit, but for their own benefit. Putting the manuscript in dummy form helps them see if it works or doesn’t work within the confines of a 32-page book, with page turns and pacing. Putting it in a different form can also help them see it new, and notice things they need to work on that weren’t apparent in manuscript form. Usually, people make a dummy using paper and scissors, or do their best to create one electronically using Word or some other program. is a great alternative — easy to set up, easy to modify.”
Harold Underdown
Executive editor at Kane Press,
author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Publishing Children's Books
and founder of The Purple Crayon website

Easy creation​

Throw away your scissors. Create your page-flipping ebook in minutes using our simple to use editor.

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A quick tutorial showing how to create your Dummy Book

A step-by-step explanation on how to create your dummy books

What is a dummy book?

a dummy book is a page-by-page mockup of a book in progress

Why is it important to make dummies?

Picture books usually have about thirteen spreads, each with text and artwork. Illustrators create dummies all the time in order to plot out the story, to check out how the story develops and how it fits into the format.
Authors should dummy up their stories as well.
Does the text have good ‘page turns?’ Is it too long (or too short)? Does it hook the reader from the start?
Usually when authors create dummy books, they find many ways to improve their manuscript. 

Can anyone see my dummy books?

If you save your dummy book as a ‘private book’ then the search engines can’t see it and only you have the link. You can share the link, of course, with a select group of others (for example, your editor or critique group) so they can see the dummy.
If the book is in ‘public’ mode, then anyone can see it, including search engines.

Hoe many dummy books can I create?

You can make up to three dummy books for free. To make more (as many more as you like) you should join the Ourboox Premium plan.

Does my dummy book have to be in English?

No, it can be in practically any language. It can also be flipped from right to left (for dummy books in Hebrew or Arabic).

Can I edit my dummy books?

Sure, any time you like.

How do I add illustrations to my dummy book?

To add artwork, just click on the ‘artwork’ button in the editor.
You can add jpeg or png files (and several at the same time). Keep in mind that if there is any text on the page, the artwork will erase it.

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